The Larethain Dungeon

What path does Melek want me to take from here?

I know that I need to improve my skills and learn more magic to protect Fae as we try and uncover more about where we come from. For all we know, we are the last of the Alfar that descended from the clan of the Wolf. It is up to us, the few who know that the Wolf mother was truthful, to fix this infected land so that we no longer curse the other side of the world.

I heard word from an old friend about an opportunity to study the witchcraft of the Sarlids in the Larethain Dungeon. We went in and at the entrance someone had informed me of the failed attempt to communicate with them. He had asked me to try with a laugh as if it were a hopeless attempt.

We had to fight our way past some Undead in an old abandoned keep, and found our way deeper in, where huge spiders had spun webs everywhere. Remains of many victims lay scattered and we finally arrived where many Sarlids lived.

They refused to talk... and despite my best efforts, they closed …

Temple of the God King

After eradicating some of the Undead in the area south of Akatosh, Fae and I were sent to the Temple of the God King to meet with the elder Alfar about what we have recently uncovered about our ancient past and the findings made by the Wolf mother. They have finally accepted the new facts brought forth by the council that we did indeed come from our Mirdain cousins in the distant past before the time of Melek.

This was the first time that I had found out that Fae's mother had rumored to die out in the ocean by a hoarde of Kraken. I guess it had been too painful for her to bring up to me, and I could see in her eyes
that it was not her favorite subject.

What was still in question was the difference between an Alfar and a Mirdain, and why we had split. This discussion usually ends with arguments and stubborn old men unwilling to accept our relation to what was once our kin.

According to the Wolf mother who had supposedly died with the evidence proving her claims, Alfar came from a …

The Goblin Shrine

We have been called to Akathos due to the possible misfortune of an important Alfar political member, Lord Shadowpain. His family had explained that he had never arrived and that something terrible must have happened. Fae and I were sent to investigate the trail south of Akathos. They had asked that we retrieve a family locket if we had found his remains or get them back from the Goblins.

During this lengthy discussion we agreed to tear down the Goblin shrine that they pray to as a warning for robbing our travelers.

Fae and I had found his corpse as we expected that we would... with an arrow protruding ominously. In the distance the Goblins had immediately attacked!

We fought our way to the shrine while hoards of them kept coming at us. We did enough significant damage to make our message clear and left drawings of the person that was killed by the slain corpses that scattered across their village. We also had left a trail reminded them of the 'friendly' encounter attempt that…

The Sorry Revenant and Ogre village

Curious thing happened today as I fought the Revenants.... I was picking berries and minding my own business when a group attacked me. I had slain them with some effort and more kept coming and the battle went on for a long time. Others came and assisted and left with some of the goods acquired for our people... and I was alone able to handle myself just fine when I encountered what could be a good sign of understanding between our people.

What had appeared to be the leader had come out and stood there refusing to budge. I circled around him curiously and he eyed the destruction around with regret. I felt almost bad for the Revenant as he seemed to accept the responsibility for failing his people. He took a dagger and thrust it into his own chest... this took me by surprise and I did not know how to respond. His eyes begged forgiveness and had shown compassion that I did not think existed among them. I tried to end his misery as fast as possible and found myself unable to get those ey…

Study the Revenants...!

Towards a Golden Age
The foremost city of the Chaldeans was Ashur, which lay near the present-day location of Sanguine. It was founded by the legendary Ashur-Sin I, who conquered the numerous city-states of the Eannic delta, and was crowned the first king of all Chaldeans.
The Chaldean civilization came into being during a period of relative regional peace. However, their wealth soon proved tempting to neighboring human tribes, who took to raiding and plundering outlying villages and towns. In response to this, the Chaldeans launched a series of successful military campaigns against the belligerent nomads who roamed the peripheries of their land.
When faced with the problem of becalming the conquered barbarians, emperor Ashur-Awan II formulated policies which would shape the future of Chaldea . He decreed that cities be built in barbarian lands, and that the conquered tribes be invited to live in them. Furthermore, the citizens of these new cities would be taught how to farm and make too…

Facing the Biletooth Mob

I awoke today overhearing a crowd of people talking about a clan that call themselves the Gentlemen declaring war on another clan called Furia... the details and political background unknown at this point but we all know that this is just the beginning of what may turn into a civil war of sorts.

I woke up Fae and told her the news.... and explained how we must tread more carefully than usual among our own kind. She did not like the idea of a civil war and has been extra jumpy while harvesting that morning.

Meanwhile through our network of spies that had formed our clan the Dark Side have been testing humans as we had knew would happen.. and so far Mr. Rod, a mistress of Riverdale, and someone known as Delray had paid the price for whatever mistakes they had made. Their heads rumored to have been on display for others to see.

7     7        7

Fae and I were called to the city of Akathos to confront the dreaded Biletooth that had slain me the previous day. We had studied magic all day p…

The Troll Lord of Anghral and a hard lesson to learn..

New friendships have been formed and negotiations as we are building yet another city on Yssam called Mehatil. I heard that the plague had wiped out everyone on the entire continent and that all of the cities were burned to the ground. The sites were not always pretty that they found, but our future should be better.

I am still awaiting to join my comrades who keep in touch on the other side of the world but we have trade that can make it between long distances.

Right now I am more wrapped up with the Alfar of Nagast.

Thankfully, we have much more food but it is still not enough. Rats and huge spiders along with other creatures have been seen much more often, so at least that much is good. We have food that is rotting, and trash that can be treasure to some others. These things have given me hope because it is a sign of new life, and an abundance of food that we all need. Saving the good Dragons from Goblin behavior is something else to deal with still . .. and the Rats can be mean at…